Attending Stella Sassen’s Newborn Workshop

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I was really excited to be able to attend a newborn photography workshop presented by the extremely talented Stella Sassen. I love photographing children, and those first few weeks with your newborn baby go past extremely quickly, I love being able to capture those memories for you! To be able to learn a little more about posing babies was a wonderful experience (and special thanks to the two moms who gave of their time and allowed us to photograph your babies while we learnt).


I took one look at Stella’s prop collection and was immediately envious of the variety she has collected over the years, and I am looking forward to adding a few special pieces to my collection too.

Stella also took us through some family poses with newborns. As beautiful as the posed newborn images are, family photos are some of my favourites.  Seeing the love in mom and dad’s faces when they look at their tiny miracle (and being able to capture those memories too) makes me so happy.  It makes me so glad that I am able to do what I love, and create artwork with memories for you too.

I am really excited to put to use all that we learned with Stella, and would love to photograph your baby.  Please get in touch with me to book your newborn shoot on or 083 288 5643




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